Toddler’s funny talk during potty training makes Dad laugh till he cries

Many individuals discover that raising children ranks among life’s most rewarding experiences. Undoubtedly challenging, parenthood entails navigating a spectrum of emotions amidst tantrums and triumphs, yet for most parents, the journey proves immensely fulfilling.

The parents of a young toddler named Matty exemplify this sentiment wholeheartedly. Matty brings immense joy into their lives, coupled with a delightful sense of humor. In a memorable incident during a potty-training session in October 2019, Mom overheard a humorous exchange between Dad and Matty, prompting her to swiftly capture the moment on camera.

Seated confidently on the toilet, Matty amusingly informed his dad that he was urinating, not defecating. “You didn’t poop?” inquired Dad incredulously, prompting Matty to reiterate his clarification with playful insistence.

At one point, Matty’s father, stifling laughter, buried his head in his hands, prompting concern from the observant toddler. Reassured by his father’s explanation, Matty proudly reiterated his declaration, eliciting a celebratory high-five from Dad.

When the video was shared on Facebook by Matty’s Mom, Dani DeVito, it quickly garnered over 29,270,000 views, 800,000 shares, and 140,000 comments. Viewers lauded the endearing and humorous nature of the clip.

Comments poured in, with one user remarking on the inevitability of such cherished childhood moments resurfacing in later years, despite potential embarrassment. Another user reflected on the fleeting nature of childhood, expressing a desire for time to slow down to savor such precious moments.

Undoubtedly, the DeVito family will revisit this heartwarming video countless times in the years to come, cherishing the innocence and humor captured within its frames. It’s simply too delightful to overlook.

Experience the laughter-inducing dialogue from the potty-training session by watching the video below.