Two little kids play the piano and capture everyone’s heart… VIDEO attached!

Regardless of their family or their future selves, kids grow up carefree and naive. When we look at pictures of Prince Charles and Prince William as little children, we see typical kids having fun and playing together. The happiest period of life is childhood.

Although there were a lot of royal regulations and constant media attention, William and Harry had a great time. The princes loved riding their bikes, going to the London water park with their mom, and spending a lot of time in the garden.

Even though they didn’t really want to, Diana frequently took her kids on flights while she was on official royal business in an effort to spend as much time with them as possible. Little William and Harry liked to ride wooden horses, play with water guns, or, ultimately, take the most commonplace rides on lengthy flights.

The playgrounds were a favorite place for kids to have fun. Now, it’s difficult to imagine that British princes ever behaved in such a manner. William wasn’t afraid to don a silly mask to spook onlookers, and Harry frequently wore a tiny pink jumpsuit.

Princes are hardly ever seen in such images today, but we are confident that their excitement has not diminished. Archival photos allow us to observe how the brothers developed as children without considering their future selves at all. The boys can be seen practicing the piano in one of the pictures.

Harry had always had a passion for exploration. Surely Princess Diana would be pleased with him. Photographs are a wonderful treasure that transport a person back in time and give them the chance to briefly consider where their life has come from and where it is headed. Sadly, childhood is a lovely time that will never again come around. Even though Harry and William are now grown men with families of their own, they will always share the close tie that united them as children.

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