UK Football Stars Buy Hotel and Invite Homeless to Stay For Winter… But then this happened… Click to watch the video…

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Someone usually calls the police when homeless activists take over an empty building.

Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, two Manchester United footballers, were the building’s proprietors and made them feel right at home.

To ensure that roughly 30 young men have a safe place to stay this winter, the couple who intends to renovate the £1.5 million Stock Exchange building into a boutique hotel has given the premises to a homeless advocacy group.

Furthermore, the group intends to bring in social services that may provide people in need with health care, addiction rehabilitation programs, and other basic necessities.

One homeless campaigner, Wes Hall, told Channel 4 News that when he got the phone from Neville, the Manchester United coach, he started crying. “This is a lifeline for us; it will save lives all through the winter.”

Until construction begins in February, the owners have no problem with the men staying in the building to keep warm.

The homeless activists will also record how they maintain the facility, making sure to leave it in better form than when they found it.

Because of their mission to collect socks and underwear for the homeless, the group has dubbed the structure “The Sock Exchange.”
Watch the video…