Waitresses sing “Happy Birthday” in sign language for this adorable kid… Video attached!

Two Texas Roadhouse waiters in Murfreesboro helped to make a young boy’s birthday memorable by singing him a happy birthday and wishing him a happy birthday.

Due to his hearing impairment from birth, Octavius Mitchell Jr. received a gift from his mother and uncle on his fourth birthday.

He received a restaurant birthday celebration and was mounted on a horse by a bunch of waiters and waitresses. The two servers came back to her table, nevertheless, making it even more unique. After they were done congratulating Octavius on his birthday, his mom was overjoyed.

“Everyone thinks we’re weird when we come out to chat and sign,” said Shatika Dixon. Therefore, it means a lot to me if someone takes that and crafts it into something special only for my child.

“As a waiter, I want you to be able to enter, and I want to feel like, ‘Oh, this is my place!'” White said.

I have a place here.

The entire evening, according to Octavius’ mother, was fantastic and unforgettable and was the first time he had entered into a contract with another person.

Watch the video here: