An adorable puppy demonstrates his best skills in the talent show! The judges have not seen anything like this!

The audience can’t contain their enthusiasm as Lucy enters the stage with her gorgeous little puppy Trip Hazard. Even before they see him perform, the judges are already smitten. Trip is a hybrid between a Maltese and a Pomeranian. Almost a year and a half had passed since Trip and Lucy have been together.

As soon as she got him, she started showing him cool stuff. The young man did well in school and appeared on a few TV programs. Lucy claims that despite his brilliance, this little kid can occasionally be rather shy.

Cute dog wows the crowd with his extraordinary talent Lucy invites Trip to go on Britain’s Got Talent to demonstrate his exceptional abilities in an effort to convince the public that small dogs like Trip aren’t just for handbags.

Trip doesn’t hold back when he starts his dog dance routine. Everyone is amazed by the spectacular performance he gives. When they’re on stage, the audience can’t contain their excitement. Everyone is beaming when the show finally starts and the music plays.

Her canine dance is adorable. You are powerless against its allure. It almost seems as though he was born to dance. Most people concur that this dog will make you want to get one after garnering over 85% of the views on YouTube.

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