What a kind and brave act by the young boy who stopped traffic for an elderly woman…

Introducing Maurice Adams Jr., a young American who blocked traffic to help an elderly woman. In order to help an unknown granny, he did something daring and noble by stopping traffic:

What a selfless and brave deed that went viral. The young boy once saw an elderly grandmother struggling to climb some steps as his mother, and he was driving down a street.

One of those stairs, which was close to the busy road, could have caused her to trip and fall.

Riley Duncan Jr., Adam’s mother, shut off the car’s engine right away and hurried her son across the street.

Because of his extreme agitation, he was unable to recall how quickly he halted the traffic.

The witnesses managed to catch the courageous moment.

What a brave and admirable act that went viral—this young person stopped traffic to assist a strange grandma. The good-natured young man rushed over to the senior citizen and touched her back.

He didn’t hesitate to help her up the stairs because he was feeling so many different things.

As they approached the last flight of stairs, Grandma gave the son a tight hug.

Know that you are special, she added, whispering in his ear.

What a kind and brave act that went viral—this child stopped traffic to help a strange granny. The eight-year-old kid was unaware that he was the day’s hero!

He quickly appeared in the major news.

In a conversation with WSB-TV Atlanta, Adam’s mom expressed her satisfaction with her son.

She also claimed that Adam was highly sensitive.

He showed respect for the elderly woman, demonstrating that the parenting was effective.