What a woman and her girls might appear like if they had never received a haircut before…

In the US state of Illinois, a peculiar family resides. The problem is that Tere Lyn Svetlechich Russell, the mother, hasn’t had her hair cut in more than 25 years.

She made the decision to keep her curly hair long when she was a teen, and she now honors that commitment. But it’s not the most remarkable thing. Her three girls made the decision to stop getting their hair cut and follow their mother’s lead.

Tere Lin and her three daughters have nearly 3.5 meters of hair in total! The 43-year-old woman’s own curls are near the floor.

Taking care of these curls is difficult. A quarter of a bottle of conditioner is used after just one shampoo, and combing takes a lot of time.

Long hair also creates a lot of problems. The kids frequently step on their mother’s hair.

The husband of the protagonist, Chip, adores his wife’s hair. Tere Lin’s beautiful hair was the only reason he fell in love with her.

The couple has a total of five kids. The Rapunzel club has not yet accepted Shapin, age one, and her lone son will not be admitted. Though, who knows, perhaps he aspires to grow out his hair.

Tere Lin has consistently won the Longest Ponytail competition in the city of Morris, where an uncommon family resides, and her daughters don’t trail behind their mothers in winning prizes. places.

Tere Lin does not coerce her daughters into letting their hair grow; everybody makes this decision on their own. She will not object if one of them decides to chop their long curls.