What the Clements sisters look and do today…

Within the period of just one year, Leah and Ava Clements have accomplished remarkable feats that have earned them great notoriety in the modeling world.

They got their start in the industry at the tender age of seven.

There is discussion going on about the appropriate treatment of children working in the modeling industry.

Some people say that child models do not experience a conventional childhood, while others contend that their way of life is something that most children could only dream about having when they are younger.

The Clements sisters, Ava and Leah, got their start in the modeling industry thanks to their mother.

The mother of Leah and Ava Clements, Jacqui Clements, has revealed that she initially signed a contract with a modeling agency when the twins were just infants. Ava and Leah Clements are now successful models.

However, at that time, she found it difficult to handle the care of three small children (the twins had an older brother), as she was also regularly traveling for business meetings and photoshoots.

When Jacqui Clements’ girls were 7 years old, she gave modeling another shot in the hopes that it would be a positive experience for them.

He suggested to the twins that in addition to their current activities, which include swimming and dance, they should give modeling a shot, and they were enthusiastic about the concept.

After that point, their lives underwent a significant transformation. The Clements family underwent a substantial adjustment to their way of life within the course of just a single calendar year.

Through her blog and YouTube channel, Jacqui Clements has discussed the challenges she faced while acting as a manager for her children when they were working in the modeling profession.

They have now entered the world of professional modeling, and Barbie has even signed a contract with them.

In the end, Jacqui is certain that the twins would arrive at their own conclusions on their professional trajectories on their own, and that she did nothing more than encourage them in the pursuit of their interests rather than deciding for them.