A Brazilian photographer who specializes in maternity photos makes pregnant women look like Disney princesses…

The experience of being pregnant is one that is both remarkable and beautiful, and it is one that brings about significant mental and physical shifts in a woman’s life.

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anticipation for many women as they look forward to the arrival of their new bundle of joy, and for many of these women, pregnancy is a time of immense delight.

Photographer Vanessa Firme, who works and lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, possesses a profound appreciation for the exquisiteness that is pregnancy.

Vanessa Firme sought to portray the romance and wonder of pregnancy by turning expecting moms into the heroines of well-loved Disney films. She did this by changing expectant mothers into characters from Disney animations.

This is what she ended up with.

And here she is, playing the part of Cinderella: the young mother. The only two things that have not yet occurred are the transformation of the pumpkin into a carriage and the loss of her shoe.

However, the picture seems to have a really soft and genuine mystical quality about it.

During pregnancy, a variety of feelings, including excitement, happiness, anxiety, and even sadness, are common for many women to experience.

These feelings are totally normal and a natural part of the process of becoming a mother. You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed by them.

The image of Disney’s Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” cartoon that Vanessa Firme chose to exhibit to us was taken from that film.

The link that develops between a mother and her unborn child throughout pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and heartwarming elements of pregnancy.

Even before they have met, a great number of mothers describe experiencing a profound connection with their unborn child.

The beauty of pregnancy also rests in the love and support that the mother receives from her partner and family during her pregnancy.

The character of Disney’s Ariel from the animated film about the little mermaid is portrayed for us here by Vanessa Firme.

In conclusion, being pregnant is a stunning and miraculous event that brings about alterations in one’s body as well as one’s mental state.

It is a period of immense delight and excitement, as well as a time to build a close link with the unborn child, and it is a time when these things occur simultaneously. Have fun while you can!