When Internet trolls said things about his wife’s weight, Pierce Brosnan stood by her side…

It’s not often that you hear of a Hollywood couple who’ve been together for the better part of three decades, but Pierce and Keeley Brosnan fit that description.

Their partnership stands out in an industry where relationships are typically ephemeral because celebrities are regularly put in situations where they are tempted by other well-known people while they are working together.

The first time Pierce and Keeley crossed paths was in Mexico, at a party where Keeley was doing an interview with another journalist.

Despite the fact that she was 10 years younger than Pierce at the time, the two were instantly attracted to one another and started a relationship that has now lasted for thirty years.

During this period, Pierce was still mourning the death of his first wife, Cassandra, who had succumbed to ovarian cancer.

Cassandra had been married to Pierce for many years.

The actor adopted two boys after wife Cassandra, and later the couple welcomed two more children of their own.

Pierce and Keeley have established a family together since the beginning of their relationship.

Keeley has never allowed the cultural expectations of Hollywood perfection to get in the way of her happiness or her self-confidence in regard to her appearance, even though she has gone through the physical changes that come with pregnancy and motherhood.

In reaction to online trolls who made derogatory comments about his wife’s weight, Pierce has supported and shielded his wife, demonstrating the power and love that they have in their marriage.

Keeley and Pierce are living proof that not all Hollywood relationships are ephemeral and that genuine love can persist even in the most challenging of professions thanks to the fact that they have been together for so long.