When Jeff Bridges and a waitress went on their first date, he fell in love with her and took her to see “some property.”

When Jeff Bridges met his wife, Susan Geston, when she was waiting tables, they fell in love under the most unexpected of circumstances. Their relationship began as well following an amazing property-surfing date.

The beginning of Jeff Bridges’ love story began with an unexpected circumstance while he was filming a movie in Paradise Valley, Montana, and it would be easy to mistake it for an intriguing plot in a rom-com.

When Jeff first encountered Susan Geston, a waitress, his heart yearned for her despite the fact that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He ended up going on an unconventional first date with the waitress, but it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair. Here is a peek at their romance:

With a career that has lasted for almost seven decades, the famous actor is regarded as one of the best of all time. His father, Llyod Bridges, was a famous actor; therefore, Jeff is a member of the Hollywood aristocracy.

Along with his brother Beau Bridges, the actor got his start in the business early. They also appeared in a few films with their dad. Jeff has won numerous honors, including two Golden Globe awards, an Academy Award, and Screen Actors Guild awards.

The Last Picture Show, The Big Lebowski, Crazy Heart, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and, more recently, “Tron” and “Bad Times At El Royale” are just a few of the roles he has played. In addition to acting, Jeff is a producer, singer, and songwriter.

When Jeff encountered Susan Geston, the woman “[He] couldn’t take [his] eyes off,” at first glimpse, he was filming “Rancho Deluxe” in 1975, during his hay days and the blooming age of his then-young profession.

Geston was working as a server at Chico Hot Springs when the movie crew began filming a scene in a hot bath. Jeff claimed that he was unable to take his eyes off of her in his book, “The Dude and the Zen Master.”

The “Sea Hunt” star saw that Geston was not only breathtakingly attractive, but also had two black eyes and facial bruises. Later, he would learn that she had been injured in an accident.

Geston spotted Jeff gazing each time he snuck a glance. When work was finally finished for the day, Jeff approached her and praised her, but Geston was having none of it. She declined his invitation to go on a date. The second time Jeff tried, he received the same unfavorable response.

Fans learned of Hayley’s wedding while reading about the touching moment her father rose from his hospital bed.

Although Geston declined the actor’s offer of a date, she gave him cause for optimism when she replied, “It’s a tiny town; maybe we’ll run into each other.” Jeff claimed that her statements proved to be “prophetic.”

On a fun night away from work, the duo reconnected and danced. It was the day Jeff fell in love with Geston, he remarked. When Jeff had an appointment with a real estate agent, the two went on their first date.

Geston was invited, and they went property-shopping. The performer remembered being driven to a ranch near a river. And as they moved about the property and looked it over, Jeff heard a voice in his head say:
“You and your future bride are currently looking at homes.”

This idea surprised the actor, and he experienced a tense emotion. Jeff struggled to let the love of his life go while having anxieties that he would lose his independence as a result of the sensation.

Geston and Jeff knew they wanted to be married two years after their first date. So they got married, and they have since become a loving marriage with three adult children.

The royal Hollywood couple has been wed for more than 40 years. It is also acceptable to claim that they have experienced both good and difficult times.

When speaking with People, Jeff revealed how he and Geston had maintained their relationship. They admitted that over time they had improved their understanding of one another. He clarified:

“We celebrate our differences as individuals rather than letting them cause us to drift apart. She has wisdom, which I value and am sure the girls do as well. I’ve been incredibly fortunate.

Additionally, he acknowledged in his book how much he had learned from Sue and how well-aware they were of one another’s shortcomings. For instance, Geston frequently points out that Jeff’s anxieties do not prevent him from succeeding, despite the fact that Jeff constantly fretted about starting a project.

The 72-year-old continued by saying that he and Geston deeply care for one another and have come to understand that their bond is the “most important thing” in the world. Jeff acknowledged that he and Geston did not fully understand one another, but they are okay with this.

Above all of his accomplishments in life, Geston and Jeff’s role as parents to three children is one of his greatest. Isabelle, their eldest child, was born in 1981.

Haley and Jessica, the other girls, were born in 1985 and 1983, respectively. Given that they frequently appeared alongside their renowned father at red carpet events, the Bridges daughters essentially grew up in the spotlight.

The three has their hands full with their careers and families now that they are all adults. When Isabelle was a teenager, she made her first and ostensibly final foray into Hollywood when she starred in “Termini.”

Since 2007, Isabelle and Brandon Boesch have been wed. Today, she is a dedicated motherhood coach. Jessica, the sibling she is the closest to, became a singer and composer instead of becoming an actress.

The youngest of Jeff’s beautiful daughters, Hayley Roselouise, chose not to pursue a career in show business like her older brothers and sisters did. Instead, Hayley works as an interior designer and got married in September 2021.

Hayley’s wedding made headlines as fans learned about the touching moment her father got out of bed and led her down the aisle.

Jeff was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and has been recovering while receiving COVID-19 therapy. His condition did not prevent him from walking with Hayley down the aisle and performing the father-bride dance, though.