Witness the remarkable response of a frightened dog facing euthanasia when she realizes she’s been rescued

It’s an unfortunate reality that underweight and emaciated dogs often find themselves in animal shelters. Witnessing animals suffer to the point where they can barely stand is deeply distressing to me.

Some of these animals show affection and trust towards humans despite their mistreatment, while others recoil in fear at the sight of a rescuer. It’s heartbreaking to consider what the latter must have endured.

The thought of harming an animal is unimaginable to me, and I find it incomprehensible that anyone could derive any pleasure from such cruelty.

That being said, I believe dogs possess an innate ability to discern between good and bad people.

Those who work with animals understand the importance of allowing a neglected animal to initiate contact. While it’s natural to want to play and pet a dog to reassure them that you mean no harm, it’s not always the best approach.

Some individuals struggle to grasp that a dog who has suffered abuse may be wary of unfamiliar people.

Hours later, Edie, an abandoned mixed-breed dog, faced euthanasia. Neglected and fearful, she had not received care or affection for a long time. She was severely undernourished, and her fur was matted.

To give Edie another chance, one had to be a true animal lover.

Watching the initial part of the video is challenging. Edie is so frightened that she doesn’t know how to react. She perceives the man as a threat, shaking her body and barking in an attempt to drive him away.

However, the man in the video eventually manages to approach Edie and prevent her from fleeing. This marks the beginning of a trust-building process.

Soon, a bond is formed between them. Edie begins to realize that the man is there to help her, not hurt her. The relief she feels knowing she won’t be euthanized anymore is palpable.

Watch Edie’s heartwarming response in the video below as she realizes she’s been saved: