You will not believe what animal was hiding in this pile of leaves…

In Ohio, archaeologist Corey was undertaking an aerial surveillance assessment of ancient historical sites.

He and his coworkers were about to leave for the day when one of them stopped and pointed out a small snake that was slithering away.

The man was looking for a safe location to hide because he had obviously seen the gang before they had noticed him.

When Corey travels for work, he likes to take pictures to show his two sons, so he tried his hardest to follow the little snake and get a picture of him.

Shortly after he fired, the snake found a better hiding place elsewhere and disappeared. He did not give it any thought as he put his phone aside.

After work, Corey took another look at the image and found he had trouble instantly identifying the snake.

Even though he eventually located him, he found it hilarious that he initially missed the snake.

He made the decision to post the image online to see if other people were having problems locating him, and they were.