Mom takes a risk to go into labor so that his sick husband can meet the baby… But here is what happens to them…

Mom takes a risk by going into labor two weeks earlier so that her daughter can meet her dying spouse.

A person’s life is profoundly altered when they become a parent.

And as the years pass, the majority of them will continue to hold their child thousands of times more. But for one girl, her dad only ever gave her a single embrace.

The day Savannah Aulger was born, Mark Aulger held her for a total of 45 minutes before letting her go. Mark went into a coma the day after Savannah was born, and he passed away a few days later.

The events leading up to Savannah’s birth and Mark’s death are detailed below.

On December 11, 2011, Mark received the news that, after eight months of chemotherapy, he was cancer-free.

On January 3, 2012, Mark was hospitalized and given the prognosis of pulmonary fibrosis, a lung condition brought on by scarred or damaged tissue, nine days before the birth of his 5th child. This illness was a side effect of Mark’s chemotherapy in this case.

Most people who are diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis have a three to five-year life expectancy with the help of particular treatments.

On January 16, 20212, things started to become worse when attempts at steroid and oxygen therapies failed.

It became apparent that treatments weren’t effective and that Mark wouldn’t have much longer to live two weeks before Savannah was due. He had just a week left, it was stated to the family.

Diane, Savannah’s mother, made the decision to induce birth early with the help of her doctors so that Mark could meet his daughter.

On January 18, 2012, Mark took a nap in his hospital bed while Diana gave birth. Mark could hold her for 45 minutes since his oxygen levels were so high. Naturally, those 45 minutes were emotional for both him and Diane, who claims to have sobbed the entire time.

On January 19, 2012, Mark tried to hold Savannah once more but failed. And, regrettably, Mark fell into a coma.

According to Diane, she would put the infant on her husband while he was unconscious, and his hand would reach out to her. She further claims that Mark would shake his head and sigh in repose if Savannah cried.

It is painful to consider how deeply Mark must have wanted to soothe and cuddle his daughter, whether you think this is possible or not.

Mark passed away on January 23, 2012, with his loved ones at his side.

The family was flooded with sympathy in the days that followed Mark’s passing. There was a lot of love, in the form of cash and baby goods. Thanks to the generosity of others, Diane was even able to acquire a minivan, enabling the family to advance.

Sadness abounds in this tale since the father and daughter only had a fleeting encounter at the start of her life and the end of his.

But it’s crucial to keep in mind the joy this chance brought Mark both at the time and for the remainder of Savannah’s life. She will be able to remember being hugged by her father as a child and even have a photo that captures the priceless occasion.

The narrative of the Augler family is one that is equal parts sorrowful, strong, and resilient.

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