Police officer sees a mom outside of Walmart with her children and here is what he does…

Without a home, Shannon Loveless and her family had made a camp in a Walmart parking lot. Loveless, her three kids, and I had been residing in their vehicle for the preceding six months by the time it was December 2017.

They made their supper in a grassy area outside a Walmart with food donated by food banks. According to a comment from Loveless, there was no relief in sight.

The Loveless family, however, had cause for optimism once more because of the kindness and dedication of two Sacramento Country sheriff’s deputies. Before meeting with them, Loveless did not have a favorable opinion of law enforcement officers…

It’s wonderful to witness the good side of police officers because we typically only see their negative side, according to Loveless. To alter the public’s opinion of police personnel, we must cooperate.

What specifically did the police do to change Loveless’ perception of them in such a significant way? They initially encountered Loveless and her kids while keeping an eye on a nearby homeless camp.

As Loveless described the kindness of the police, she was filled with emotion. “Just for them to be able to have a nice place to sleep, watch cartoons, and other things that kids do,” she added.

The two officers not only made Loveless’ immediate situation better, but they also gave her a new sense of purpose.

It was “a full and utter paradigm change,” according to Loveless. The motivation is there, the spirit is high, and all of a sudden, it feels as though I’m prepared. Make the most of this year, will we? ’”

The police also returned to the residence with toys for the kids and provisions for the family…