Cher has a new boyfriend who treats her as a queen! She explains their relationship as…

The singer’s new partner accords her “queen” status.

Who is Cher’s soul mate?

Cher, the singer of “All or Nothing,” is feeling the love. The 76-year-old singer is dating Alexander Edwards, who is 40 years younger. The couple was seen holding hands as they left a function at Craigs restaurant in Hollywood earlier in the week.

Last week, after tweeting a telling message set to music about how fantastic one aspect of her life was, Cher made her first allusion to her new partner.

A few days after the tweet, she posted a picture of herself and her new love, complete with a heart emoji. She acknowledged that she had told her family about her new partner, noting:

“Love is not a mathematician!”

Fans expressed their interest in whether or not that was Cher’s man in the comment box, and Cher responded with a slew of emojis.

Although they were delighted she had found love, her fans expressed concern about her new guy, whom she met at October’s Fashion Week. They said they wanted to make sure no one was taking advantage of her.

Cher stated that she knew what she was doing and didn’t appear to be affected by the criticism. She retaliated by claiming that she was not born yesterday and continued,

“There are no promises, that much I can say for sure. Every decision you make involves a degree of risk. Risk-taking has always been a part of who I am.

Cher has experience with relationships because she has taken part in a number of well-known ones, including those with Tom Cruise and David Geffen. She’s been married twice as well. Before things went south, she and singer Sonny Bono, her first husband, were one of the most successful music and entertainment teams of the 1960s and 1970s.

Following the dissolution of her marriage to Bono, Cher wed singer Gregg Allman; their marriage also ended in divorce after four years.

How is Cher’s younger partner treating her?
Though their relationship may be young, Cher and Edwards’ love seems to be very intense. The “Believe” singer responded with an emoji of a queen’s crown, assuring her new man was treating her right, when a fan replied that they hoped he was treating her like the queen she is.

She followed up by posting a picture of Edward along with his initial name and a heart emoticon. Edwards and Cher were first spotted together walking into Craigs for a good night while holding hands.

They piled into the backseat of a car after a fantastic night out and drove to The Nice Guy for more fun. Edwards was once more seen holding Cher’s hand and giving her a soft kiss as they traveled there.

They entered the restaurant together and took a seat before deciding to call it a night and leave together, which led to more rumors from fans. One person remarked that they were unsure of Edwards’ motivations but wished Cher nothing but the best.

While not defending her new relationship, Cher responded to her detractors by saying that it did not matter whether she and her new partner were content and not upsetting anyone since haters would still hate.

Which man is Cher’s new flame?
Although Cher’s new man has stirred up a lot of controversy since the two first appeared together in public, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Rapper and music producer Edwards, better known by his stage name “AE,” hails from Oakland, California. He has teamed up with rapper Tyga for years and is employed by the “Juicy” rapper’s record label, Last Kings Records, in addition to his role as vice president of A&R (Artists and repertoire) at Def Jams, which produces for Rihanna and Justin Beiber.

Aside from work, Edwards has reportedly been romantically involved with model Amber Ray; the two women have a son, age three. In August 2021, they called it quits after he admitted cheating on her.

Edwards eventually acknowledged that the accusation he made about Ray, that he had affairs with 12 different women, was accurate, was factual. He admitted his mistakes on social media, explaining that while he loved her, he also really enjoyed the company of ladies and did not want to deny himself of that lifestyle.

Fans are understandably worried about Cher, who defended herself by asserting that she was in love, not deaf. Fans are confused right now if theirs is a relationship or a fantastic cooperation just waiting to happen.