Poor girl was abandoned because of her pale appearance… Then…

A girl has been exposed to unusual situations since she was a young child. It all began when her parents abandoned her in front of an orphanage due to her peculiar appearance. Years later, she has blossomed into a rising figure who motivates others with her extraordinary tale.

Xueli Abbing’s life has taken countless detours that have shaped both her personality and her future. Oddly enough, her life tale started on the day she was abandoned on the ground outside of an orphanage.

Many might have believed that would be the end of her life, but fate had other plans for her.

Abbing claimed that she was born in China during the one-child policy’s implementation when thousands of infants were abandoned by their birth families. She said that, like many other young children, her birth parents abandoned her at an orphanage’s door and vanished without a trace.

According to Abbing, those who have albinism experience greater discrimination, with some even considering it a curse.

After this episode, the Chinese girl said she never heard from her parents and had no idea who they were. She was adopted by the orphanage, and the caregivers gave her the name Xueli (Xue is the Chinese word for snow and Li is the Chinese word for beautiful).

According to Abbing, her original parents left her because of the way she looked. She was born with albinism, a genetic disorder that results in the lack or reduction of the melanin pigment, which gives eyes, hair, and skin a pallid appearance.

She had a rough beginning, but when she was three years old, a Dutch family adopted her. After that, she relocated to the Netherlands with her new family, where her mother and sister, Yara, gave her a warm and nurturing home.

Abbing claimed that she accidentally became a model at the age of 11, when a Hong Kong designer asked her to participate in a picture shoot intended to represent many types of beauty. She discussed her experience and said:

“The designer asked me if I wanted to participate in her fashion show in Hong Kong and referred to the campaign as having “beautiful imperfections.” It was a wonderful experience.

According to Abbing, those who have albinism experience greater discrimination, with some even considering it a curse. She uttered:

I’m fortunate to have merely been left alone.

Young Chinese people observed that albino role models encountered preconceptions and were frequently portrayed as ghosts or angels in advertisements and picture shoots. She said, “It makes me sad.”

Luckily, Abbing worked with a London-based photographer who showed her the utmost care and consideration. The subsequent photo shoot produced stunning results, and according to Abbing, one of the pictures was purchased by Vogue Italia in 2019.

Abbing claimed that it took her some time to realize how important it was to be included in a major publication like Vogue.

The young woman found doing picture shoots dull because she only had 8–10% eyesight and couldn’t look directly into the camera because it bothered her eyes.

Despite the challenges, Abbing said she enjoys speaking for and representing people who have obvious differences. She remarked:

Maybe I concentrate more on people’s voices and what they have to say because I can’t see things well. I value their inner beauty more because of this.

According to reports, Abbing appeared in multiple ads for well-known designers like Kurt Geiger and on the pages of Vogue magazine during the 16th bidding…