This single dad goes through a lot of hardships to support his family and says that…

To provide for his family, the lone parent worked long hours and days. He gave all to his children and made unselfish sacrifices for their benefit.

He once experienced a wonderful surprise, which caused him to cry. Fathers have an unending amount of affection for their kids. The commitment of a mother to her children is known as parental love.

But we frequently overlook the unwavering love that parents have for their kids, which only grows stronger with time. As we all know, not every hero has a cape.

Many kids look up to their fathers as their first heroes and aspire to be like them because of their unmatched traits and devotion.

The subject of today’s tale is Harley Harlington. He was a former Marine who had survived as a single father. But this is not the only attribute he has held for more than seven decades.

Although he appears cool on the outside, he is a man who has always kept his troubling emotions hidden. He has always been a devoted parent who showers his kids with undivided attention and love.

He never asked for assistance and always handled the pain and difficulties gracefully…

In 2016, a random person came to her house and offered her an incredible surprise: Harlington’s grandchild and Monica Jackson from the FOX5 Surprise Squad show!