A Kentucky coal miner left early from work to take his child to a basketball game… Here is what happened next…

Michael hurried to the Rupp Arena at the University of Kentucky after leaving his job at a colliery.

As he didn’t have enough time to take a shower after his duty, he was covered in muck.

He had to take his child to a vital basketball game first, though.

A fan took a photo of McGuire and his child enjoying the game together, and it quickly gained popularity.

Even John, the University of Kentucky’s head coach for men’s basketball, was moved by the picture.

When the picture was handed to him, according to Calipari, it “smacked him straight between the eyes.” He said as much during a news conference.

The instructor tweeted the picture and a description of its significance.

Since the American ideal for my parents began in a colliery in Clarksburg, West Virginia, he continued, this image “hits home” for him.

He said he wanted to offer the parents VIP tickets, and he was able to talk with Mollie after making some enquiries.

I now know that following his duty, he hurried to see our team and be with his child.

I don’t know who he is, but at Rupp, he and his family will be treated like royalty.

Molly claimed that her husband was the modest and hard worker.

Despite the fact that it is a difficult profession, he makes enough money there for me to not need a job.

He also makes a fantastic father. She claims that he has done such things pretty frequently.

When he called McGuire’s dad, the man said that the father originally felt his son had committed a wrong when he was called into the office at work. But when he came in, applause erupted from everyone.

He said he was so anxious to get to the game that he was “ready to go without bathing or clothing, just get in his vehicle, and go since he came out of the mines late.”

That wasn’t the main point. He wanted to be there for his child, so that was the explanation. The trainer said that’s why he did it.

Hotels have reportedly started calling to offer lodgings ever since the image went viral, according to Calipari.

Calls are coming in from companies providing food. Even a car was provided by an auto lot to McGuire.

Isn’t it amazing that a modest, modest man like him understands how much people value him and what he stands for? announced Calipari.

“I’m grateful for that since it’s how my family originally immigrated to this country. The coal mine is where the American dream began.

After seeing the picture, the coach said, “This one, I’m going to take care of this person and his family.”