2 adorable brothers sing the Easter classic ‘Up From The Grave He Arose’

‘Up From The Grave He Arose’ has cemented its status as an Easter classic. The heartwarming music video featuring these two adorable brothers singing the beloved hymn quickly captured the internet’s attention, going viral in no time.

There’s something truly special about witnessing a child worshiping the Lord, and this moment captured at the front of their small church is no exception. It’s truly a blessing to hear the powerful lyrics of ‘Up From The Grave He Arose’ being sung by these young souls, eliciting heartfelt reactions from the entire congregation.

Originally composed by Baptist pastor Robert Lowry in 1874, this Easter hymn has appeared in hymnals under various titles such as ‘Low In The Grave’ or ‘Christ Arose,’ with some simply referring to it as ‘He Arose.’

Given its focus on Jesus’ triumphant victory over death, it’s no wonder this hymn has become a staple in Easter traditions in churches worldwide. Its poignant lyrics serve as a powerful reminder of the true meaning of Easter – commemorating God’s ultimate sacrifice by sending His only Son to Earth to atone for our sins.

Listening to these two young singers passionately worshiping through this hymn ignites a fire in the soul. Their evident love for Jesus and their commitment to spreading His message bode well for their future as ambassadors of the Good Word.