A 60-year-old woman was tired of her appearance, so she decided to change it… She looks 30 years younger now!

Famous hairstylist and designer Christopher Hopkins specializes in giving women’s looks complete makeovers with the help of subtle but stunning adjustments. Christopher has transformed several female clients. We had to take a second look to confirm that she was the same woman, just like with this one.

When you compare her before and after photos, it’s difficult to believe what you see.

Marie Johnson, please. She came to Minneapolis to meet Christopher, also known as “The Makeover Guy,” who is from Fargo, North Dakota. Marie felt she needed assistance from the super stylist after seeing Christopher’s creations.

She appeared stressed when she first sat in the barber’s chair in front of the cameras, but she was undoubtedly prepared for the makeover of her life!

She knew before she sat down that after the treatment, she would appear to be a different lady, but how different?

Marie merely asked that there be no purple or blue hair. She had to present a dignified image for her legal career.

What Christopher is currently arranging for her is the last mystery. She’ll get the news pretty soon…

See the complete transformation process in the video down below. We got to know Marie and got to see her for who she really is. She has graying hairs and her hair is styled to the side.

When the transformation was finished, Marie’s soul was giddy with joy! She doesn’t appear to be sixty years old. Watch the transformation and her husband’s response to meeting his “new” wife.

Watch the video here: