CAN YOU find your name in this challenging puzzle? Only 8% of the brightest minds can figure this out!

You can answer this puzzle by looking at the block of text we’ve given you, which contains what appear to be random letters and attempting to identify your name. You shouldn’t attempt to answer this puzzle quickly because it is much harder than most people may anticipate.

It is not surprising that many people who are working on this challenge start to become quite irritated. We truly struggle to understand the things that irritate us. If you can do this puzzle quickly and without looking at the page’s bottom first, you must be more intelligent than the typical person.

Have you located your name? No? That’s understandable, given that the directions were a key component of this puzzle’s deception. Actually, you were instructed to search for “YOUR NAME.” The majority of individuals will have taken the effort to search for their real names, which also occupies and warms up the brain far more than watching TV would.

There are many such puzzles with varying styles and levels of difficulty. For every type of individual, there is a puzzle! There are true puzzles in which you must put the pieces together to recreate the image, sudoku, a fantastic brain teaser, and riddles, among many other varieties. Avoid letting your brain become sluggish by immersing it in the world of riddles.