A 68-year-old Kiev woman and his partner of a different race are currently living in Zanzibar… Here is how they live…

“To the end of the universe for your sweetheart” is the phrase that best describes our brave character of the day, who left for Zanzibar at the age of 68.

When destiny brought Ukrainian widow Lydia Yatsuk and young Jabbar together, she was raising her grandkids and taking care of the house.

The young man was fluent in Ukrainian and attended school in Kyiv. She was thrilled with the intelligent and brave young man and even extended an invitation to him to stay at her house when the couple first started communicating through social media.

The young Zanzibar soon saw that he had fallen in love with an older woman. Lydia herself had no idea how she had developed feelings for a stranger.

She made the decision to see her loved one in his country. Despite the kids’ objections, Lidia sold the apartment and departed for Zanzibar.

Because Lydia failed to leave them an inheritance, the son and daughter were left feeling aggrieved. A woman now resides in a different country with a tropical environment. She embroiders to support her young husband financially.

Only the granddaughter Asya pays Lydia a visit among the relatives.