This grandma did not wash her hair for 64 years… Here is what she looks like now…

Nguyen Thi Dinh, a beautiful grandmother from Vietnam, is 83 years old and hasn’t had her hair cut in 64 years. They transformed into a massive, six-meter-long spit during this time.

A woman claims she went to the hairdresser for the first time when she was 19 years old. She didn’t begin experiencing terrible headaches until after the haircut. Doctors were unable to diagnose the young girl’s condition, and treatment was ineffective.

It wasn’t until the hair started to grow back that the discomfort abruptly stopped by itself. Thi Dinh has since decided against cutting her hair short. She first managed to take care of her hair in some way, but as she came into touch with water, her head started to hurt once more, making washing her hair impossible.

The woman braided her regrown hair into a style resembling dreadlocks, which she still wears when she walks now.

In his hometown now, Thi Dinh resides in a temple. Visitors come here specifically to witness the 6-meter spit. By the way, a woman’s hair is much longer in real life, but it is impossible to untangle them.

Although Thi Dinh has been entirely gray for a while, the “oldest” section of her braid still has a dark hue. The elderly woman enjoys looking at her braid and said it brings back memories of her carefree youth.