An 8-year-old boy noticed a strange granny and rushed to help her… Then…

To assist an old woman, an American guy called Maurice Adams Junior halted all traffic on the street.

The eight-year-old and his mother were driving an SUV when they noticed the grandma precariously perched atop some stairs close to a major intersection. Adams went onto the highway and stopped traffic as soon as the woman stopped the car. He then started to be filmed.

The younger person approached the older person, placed his hand on her back, and slowly assisted her up the stairs while situating her walker. When they arrived at the top, the youngster was given a bear embrace by the grandmother, who described him as wonderful.

The youngster was unaware that he was being recorded.

In a conversation with WSB-TV Atlanta, Adams’ mother expressed her pride in him.

It’s quite moving. It demonstrates respect and the proper course of parenting,» the mother said.

Reporters were also told by one of the witnesses to the nice deed that he met up with the youngster and gave him $100.

Check out the video below for more!