Mart, the talented «Unchained Melody» singer, won Got Talent because here is what he performed…

Dutch singer Mart Hoegkamer achieved significant success after competing in the eighth season of “Holland’s Got Talent.” Despite coming in second, he was able to sign a record deal with Sony Music, which enabled him to become a well-known celebrity.

At this concert, Mart was able to deliver a classic cover of The Isley Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” with passion and force. In a black suit, a white shirt with a collar, and white tennis shoes, he looks sharp.

As he started to talk, he rose roughly 20 feet over the podium. Drums, guitars, keyboards, and backup singers all played in support of him. The arena was lit up with spectacular light displays and different smoke machines.

His name, Mart, was flashing on the platform behind him in bright dazzling letters. The well-known song was still being sung and chanted by the crowd. The couples were only visible dancing together, heartfelt.

Despite his young, Mart has competed in a lot of competitions over time. When he was younger, he participated in the “Kids Sing With Stars” competition and finished in second place.

The well-known Dutch singer’s rise to fame has quickened. During this performance, his abilities and dramatic presence are amply on exhibit. The crowd screams in celebration, especially after he hits his most recent and finest score.

Here is the video: