A billionaire and a model are very dissimilar from one another yet they got married… Here is how…

Xenia Delhi, a well-known model, wed an Egyptian billionaire who was 36 years her senior.

Ksenia is a Moldovan native who was raised in a modest household. When Xenia was just two years old, her father abandoned her mom. The girl was raised by her grandma because her mother left to work in Greece.

The young woman was adamant. She entered the institute after successfully finishing her studies, where she engaged in rigorous language study. Xenia would soon have the chance to travel to America.

She had a job in a clothing business there. The girl enjoyed sharing her images on social media. An employee of a swimsuit business once saw her there.

She was taken aback by Xenia’s attractiveness and asked her to take part in a photo competition. The girl won the contest, and this completely altered the course of her life.

She began filming at the age of 18 for Playboy, Vogue, and other well-known publications. But in 2106, the announcement that Ksenia, 26, was getting married to billionaire Osamu, 62, stunned everyone.

The wedding celebration cost one million dollars. The joyful bride was in charge of planning the affair. The couple continues to have a happy life.

Their daughter was born in 2018. Ksenia continued her employment at the same time and kept filming for fashion magazines.