The 29-year-old mother has 14 daughters since the family wanted to have a boy…

The American couple Jose and Augustine Iguera already have 14 daughters, so their family is quite large and welcoming.

However, they never give up on the hope of having a son. Having such a large family to care for is not without its challenges.

In order to provide for his family, the father is required to maintain a steady work schedule. The mother is very preoccupied with the never-ending list of domestic responsibilities.

However, this does not discourage parents who already have a large family from continuing to hold out hope that they will have a son.

Augustina was just 15 years old when she gave birth to her first child. After then, she had three sets of twins each time she gave birth.

Girls who are part of a loving and supportive family still receive attention and care, even if the family is struggling financially.

They are cherished and given assistance in every endeavor. However, the parents are under the impression that they will undoubtedly have a son in their family.