A British lady who won over £2 million at age 16 lost everything and now relies on welfare…

In 2003, Callie Rogers took home £1.8 million from the lotto. She was only 16 at the time, and the newspapers dubbed her the UK’s luckiest kid. But as it turned out, Callie was unable to spend such good money responsibly and is now compelled to rely on welfare. The Sun reports on it.

Callie was a cashier in 2003 and made £3.60 per hour. But everything altered her victory. She became a tabloid sensation, partygoer, and the youngest British lady to win the lottery.

Callie left the Cockermouth, Cumbria, home she shared with her foster parents and stopped attending school. She moved into a £180,000 bungalow after meeting Nicky Lawson, the father of her two elder kids.

However, the pair split up five years later, and Callie made an attempt on her life. When the guardianship took her kids away at some point, Callie decided to augment her breasts with the priciest implants available at the time, which cost her 17,000 pounds, to boost her confidence.

She also claimed that she spent at least $300,000 on luxury clothing and spent a quarter of a million pounds on parties.

33-year-old Callie now thinks that having money has made her sad. “I assisted friends who begged for money to buy new autos. I had to accept. I now realize that my youth was a factor in how I was utilized.

I had a ton of phony friends, the woman claims. Callie revealed in a 2013 interview with Closer magazine that she would wake up late, eat takeaway, and then invite “so-called pals” around for fun.

“All of a sudden, I became a local celebrity. In pubs, people approached me claiming to be my friends and asking that I treat them. I was unsure of who to believe.

Even though Callie acknowledged that such a large sum of money was excessive for a teenager, she did not lose her temper and instead grew stronger. Until she was able to land a work as a maid, she had to survive on unemployment.

In 2018, two women went near her in a pub, beat her to a pulp, and broke Callie’s nose and a few ribs in the process.

In response, lottery representatives assured her that they were always available to assist her and continually proffer various financial and legal counsel, which Callie politely declined.

It appeared that Callie made up her mind at some time. She started her nursing studies, brought up her four children, and dated a man named Jason Fearon. However, cops pulled them over in a hedgerow in December of last year.

It was discovered that Callie had been using drugs when she got behind the wheel. Additionally, she charged at the police after being arrested, forcing them to use pepper spray.

The 22-month driving prohibition, electronic bracelet requirement, and curfew were all imposed by the court.