A couple is stuck in Mexico because they won’t leave without their rescued cat…

How hard would you fight to save your cat? As you read this amazing story about a cat that was saved in Mexico, keep that in mind.

Have you ever wanted to quit your job, sell or rent your house, pack your bags, and take off with your partner into the sunset? Well, this young British couple did exactly that two years ago, and they’re still traveling.

In August 2019, Lee Hodges, age 33, and Willow Rolfe, age 29, started an epic road trip across North America. In Washington, DC, two months into their trip in their restored VW van, the couple decided to take in a stray cat.

Many people around the world have taken in stray cats. It’s good to help cats in need. Lee and Willow wanted to help an animal because they had left their two cats at home. At first, they got a little black kitten they named Molly, but Molly got sick and died.

Soon after, the couple rescued their cat, Aimee, and since then, the sweet cat has gone everywhere with them. Lee and Willow often make fun of the fact that Aimee has been to more places than most people.

Aimee has been taught to walk on a leash, which is crazy. So, even though some people look at him funny, the cat can join his people on many of their outdoor adventures.

The couple and Aimee went to Mexico, but dogs tied Aimee up and broke her leg while she was there. So, the couple waited until the cat was better before going on with their trip.

Lee and Willow wanted to go back to the UK because of the pandemic. But they couldn’t just leave Aimee behind.

The couple had been planning this trip for years, and in 2015, they bought an old VW to fix up. As they started their trip across North America, they quit their jobs and left their lives behind.

Mexico has had a hard time because of the pandemic. Many beaches and national parks have had to be closed.

The three people found it hard to find a place where they could be alone without going over their daily budget of £17.50.

Even worse, the couple’s motorhome broke down just as they were about to start crossing the Atlantic. They were stuck in Mexico and couldn’t get to the U.S.

Lee and Willow will have to wait even longer because they have to fix the van and drive to the U.S. to catch a ferry.

In addition to waiting for more paperwork, the couple now has to deal with the fact that their humanitarian visas will run out in February.

The US borders won’t open until January 21, so the couple doesn’t have much time.

So, the couple is eagerly waiting for their Volkswagen to be fixed so they can move on.

One thing is for sure: Aimee has probably been to more places than any other cat. She has been to two countries and 15 states in the U.S.

Lee, Willow, and Aimee, good luck and enjoy your trip!