A 130 kg girl married a skinny Nigerian student and…

Ira, who was 29 years old at the time, did not have the best baggage: she was depressed, she had a broken romance with a foreigner, and she had several dozen extra pounds.

But luck had a pleasant surprise in store for Ira.

Ira sank into a deep melancholy when her relationship with the cheating Italian ended.

She did not even consider entering into a new romantic partnership, but by chance, she came across an email message from an online dating service.

The young lady did not have an account there; nonetheless, out of pure curiosity, she opened the email and saw that a man from Nigeria named Emmanuel Oja had written to her.

The young lady made the decision to talk to the boy in order to improve her English and then to part ways with him.

But there was no need to learn the language because Emmanuel already had an outstanding command of the Russian language and did not reside in Nigeria but rather in Russia, where he is attending university.

Ira and Oja met on a dating service and continued to talk to one another after exchanging personal contact information.

A few months later, Emmanuel made the decision to see Ira in his hometown in the area.

The first time the couple saw each other, they locked lips. Ira reflects that during that period, she had the sensation of a young girl experiencing her first kiss for the first time.

The first encounter was one that will never be forgotten, and after the young people had spent some time with one another, Emmanuel went on his way to resume his studies.

Ira, on the other hand, was employed as a hairdresser in her hometown at the time.

The long-distance romance was progressing quickly: the couple exchanged messages and comments on social networks and instant messengers, called one other, and talked to each other over the internet via video link.

During another get-together on March 8, the guy asked the girl, “Would you marry me?” while they were watching a love movie.

Ira thought for a moment before responding in the affirmative. Although it is impossible to term a question of this like a full-fledged marriage proposal, it does not in any way alter the feelings that are being expressed.

And shortly after Oja was awarded his diploma, the couple decided to tie the knot. However, due to the Ebola epidemic that is currently raging in Nigeria, his relatives were unable to make it to the event.

But as soon as they had the chance, the husband and wife set off on their own journey to the African country.

Ira was greeted with warmth and hospitality when she arrived to visit her husband’s family.

And the fact that she was overweight made them even happier, as the culture of Nigeria holds the belief that a fat woman is more likely to successfully reproduce and have children.

Ira and Emmanuel spent a total of two years in Africa, and the daughter looks back on those years with nothing but fondness.

After that, the pair relocated to Ufa, where they intend to establish themselves professionally and eventually start a family.

The pair hopes to someday welcome a child of each gender into their lives and give them the names William and Victoria.

Ira and Emmanuel have been sincerely in love with one other for the past four years, as evidenced by the fact that she sends him birthday cakes and he sends her flowers (although it is not customary in his homeland). Both parties are ecstatic and can hardly believe their good fortune in meeting one another.