A couple who had never met their neighbors learned that they are actually relatives…

Kjetil and Zoe’s 10-year-old child live with them in Los Angeles.

Next-door neighbors Erik and Jen live four homes away with their little kid.

The two families had only exchanged an unusual and casual welcome; they had never actually spoken.

While they were under quarantine, their group prepared an unanticipated social-distance event.

During their talk, the Njotens and Storms realized they actually shared a connection thanks to their well-established Norwegian heritage.

Interestingly, Jen’s family originates from a Norwegian community that is only a few hours away from Kjetil’s hometown and place of birth.

They have never been able to find the small, mysterious island that is the home of Erik’s family.

Only a “few dozen” people live on the island.

Wouldn’t things go even crazier if we were connected in some way? Erik noted this.

After that, the story takes a rather strange turn. It’s encouraging to see people forming unexpected friendships during this estranged time.

You simply never know who might be next door.

Here is the video: