The artist shares his works and says that wavy and red-haired people are quite appealing…

Red hair is highly uncommon; by nature, only a small percentage of people worldwide have this color of hair. Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds was motivated to compile pictures of redheads from all across the world.

In addition to their odd hair color, he thinks they have something special going for them.

The man worked on the idea for more than seven years. He was successful in locating individuals with red hair of various ages, nationalities, and genders. Dodds has been to numerous nations in order to realize his ambition.

The photographer wanted everybody to be able to view these amazing people and completely experience the unique “magic” that redheads emit, so he released the outcome of a lengthy and painstaking process online.

The people in the pictures appear to have nothing in common because they are so dissimilar to one another and are geographically apart. However, they still have an eerie similarity, and it doesn’t appear to be limited to their hair.

Such initiatives are quite valuable because they allow us to learn about people from different cultures and appreciate the beauty of our individual diversity.

Does it amaze you that Dodds proudly has red hair?