A Cute Little Girl Gives Her Beloved Garbage Man A Cupcake, And Several Months Later She Gets A Surprise…

Many young people fall in love with local employees. Some choose to be firefighters. Others will see a policeman. But for Brooklyn of Bloomington, Illinois, it was waste collector Delvar Deshawn Dopson. She would wait daily by the window for him to come by with his truck and remove the rubbish.

Every Thursday, Dopson used to make his rounds. When Brooklyn spotted him, she would wave and say “hello.” He always returned the gesture and grinned in response. The young girl was always a bright spot in his day, so he was even more taken aback when she decided to give him a gift on her birthday.

Traci Andracke, Brooklyn’s mother, understood how much Dopson meant to her child and occasionally took her around the block if they missed his visit at their house. Andracke referred to Dopson as “Brooklyn’s favorite great happy garbage man” in an interview with The Huffington Post.

In order to thank the trash collector for all of his hard work, Brooklyn’s one and only birthday wish at the age of three was to give him one of her unique cupcakes. The young child made up her mind that she would want to present Dopson with a beautiful fairy cupcake as a surprise.

Brooklyn’s mother posted the heartfelt scene on Facebook. She recalled calling Dopson over and seeing him come down the street waving as usual. As soon as he exited his truck, Brooklyn began to feel awkward and offered him the cupcake she had been holding for him.

This ultimately led to the family and their garbage man starting a new tradition, and they have been sharing lovely memories ever since.

Here is the video here: