This boy was born 9 years ago with white hair but here is what he looks like now!

Patricia Williams gave birth to her third son, Redd, in 2012. Redd was born with unnaturally white hair and lovely almond-shaped eyes. Doctors and parents initially thought the infant was simply blond, but as Redd grew older, it became clear that he had albinism.

Doctors started to inquire about family members who had the illness.

After much deliberation, the pair finally recalled that Patricia, their 85-year-old grandmother, was born a platinum blonde and the only one on an Indian reservation.

She was albino, but she never acknowledged it, despite the physicians’ findings to the contrary. The genes, however, are inherited because they cannot be hidden.

By the way, my grandma discovered a picture in the collection of her and her Indian relatives where she is the lone blonde.

After six years, the family welcomed a second boy who also had this genetic disorder.

The boys grow up lively and well, and except from the color of their hair and eyes, the sickness did not show any signs of manifestation.

And advertising agencies are already contacting the senior Redd with offers to shoot for their clients.

The parents of 2-year-old Rockwell and 9-year-old Redd find the extra attention to their children amusing, and they don’t mind if bystanders take pictures of them if the children don’t mind it.