A dad was spotted in a mall carrying both his infant and something you would not believe!

In actuality, both parents share the responsibility of parenting children, despite what many people seem to think.

One perfect father gained fame on social media after being photographed caring for his child.

The popularity of this video, however, was not due to the father caring for his kid, but rather the two dogs he was toting on either side of the carrier.

However, many others believed the creature in the video to be a simple toy.

The owner verified that it was a real dog named Milo, nonetheless.

He added that the family always accompanies him because he is a family member.

Since it was released, the video has received over 11 million views, 1.3 million likes, and a ton of comments.

It is to be expected that the video will continue to scroll over the Internet due to how lovely it is.

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