The journalist’s news broadcast is interrupted by an elephant, and he cannot stop giggling… Video attached!

He tried to keep his face as straight as possible.

Disseminating information about preserving Africa’s endangered elephants is not something to be scoffed at, unless it is.

Alvin Kaunda, a witness, will attest to it. In Kenya, abandoned animals can get treatment and rehabilitation at the Sheldrick Wildlife Center.

He was there the other day filming a show for KBC News when things took an odd turn.

Young Trust residents surrounded him as he spoke solemnly about the risks to animals and other creatures, but they weren’t there to serve as props.

He made an effort to remain composed while the elephants moved around him, but it quickly became difficult for him to do so:

Kaunda couldn’t help but smile as she faced the cute interruption.

He could have gone on to add that it has successfully raised over 300 young elephants or that they are dedicated to protecting those in the wild by taking steps to stop trafficking.

Kaunda might have underlined that there are different ways that people can help.

He couldn’t go on, but seeing the adorable mannerisms of the elephants adds yet more justification for why they should be safeguarded.

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Watch the video below!