A diver and a shark became buddies, and now they snuggle anytime they cross paths…

Rick Anderson, please. An experienced Australian diver got to know a bull shark and now makes sure that whenever she jumps, she moves in hugs and depends on him to swim.

According to Rick, the shark once swam up and asked to play back when she was still a young child, not much more than 15 cm.

Over time, the shark began to feel a connection with the young man and loved it, especially when the latter shook it in his arms and muttered through the joystick.

Rick teaches at a jumping school and has been jumping for around twenty years. The shark truly remembers him, according to him, and swims up to nestle and swing in his arms even after a season has passed.

The man claims that he doesn’t care for either his pet shark or the other sharks, but he enjoys playing with them and generally treats them like pets.

He asserts that notions regarding sharks’ obscene forcefulness and desire to consume humans, as well as people who believe sharks are intelligent, are completely unfounded.