A young guy ended their relationship because of the girl’s weight… So she decided to prove him wrong and look at her now!

On her social media profile, Zinnifli herself narrated this tale. She wished to serve as a role model for many young women.

Zinnifli has been overweight since puberty, yet it doesn’t affect her at all.

Everything went smoothly in her life after she met a guy.

But then something changed; challenging living conditions brought on melancholy and antipathy to oneself.

Zinnifli managed the tension by refusing to move, indulging in junk food all day, and engaging in video games.

She did, however, put on 35 kg as a result.

Such circumstances, beloved, were inappropriate.

He chuckled, teased her, and berated her looks.

He then made the decision to leave, saying that he was embarrassed to be with a girl like that, but this did not inspire the girl to begin losing weight.

She had never experienced such a blow before; she was devastated by the separation and became even more reclusive.

Friends assisted; they took the girl, encouraged the couple to fall in love, and gave them confidence. The girl started taking better care of herself by exercising, eating healthily, and finding her own style.

She had a radical transformation over six months, turning into a true beauty.

But six months later, she ran across her ex while out with their common pals. She had taken on a new, slimmer appearance, and the guy was awestruck. He sought to restart the relationship and begged for forgiveness.

The daughter was convinced, though, that Zinnifli could never forgive him for abandoning her when she needed him the most.

She now deserved a lot more.