A loving father raised all six of his kids by himself, but their life changed after…

Recently, Anna shocked the couple by announcing abruptly that she was expecting three children. They had a total of 3 kids before. To save the woman’s life, the physicians took all reasonable measures.

Nothing, sadly, turned out well for them. Without his wonderful wife and six kids, Anton was all alone.

Finally, a single father’s story was aired on television.

His struggle to adapt to life without his wife’s help was depicted by the authors. After this service was introduced, Anton started to get a ton of mail from ladies who felt obligated to get in touch with him.

He received a letter from Lyudmila on one occasion. She merely needed to assist the man, so they started a friendly exchange.

A father with numerous kids asked a different acquaintance out on the town a month and a half later. He made the right choice to bring all of his kids along.

The oldest kid was a fan, but the younger guys were naturally drawn to Luda. The pair decided to be married and move in together.

Even though she had a child from their previous relationship, he had minimal trouble getting in touch with the expanding family. Lyudmila realized she needed to keep an eye on Anton all the time.

He is dependable, tenacious, and always prepared to lend a hand. They were going to meet, and Luda knew it. In her dream, she was raising seven kids.

In the bridesmaid’s hometown, the couple said their vows. They traveled for a few days while they enjoyed a joyous occasion. The idea of being in a home with numerous children caused Lyudmila some degree of anxiety.

She left her job in Omsk, grabbed her infant, and moved to a town 100 kilometers away for Anton’s sake. Although she enjoyed her profession, she came to the realization that her family was much more important.

She will go huge miles to be with her spouse and kids. Her early years were spent in a huge family. Right away, the new couple made the assumption that she wouldn’t be able to handle anything appropriately around the house.

Overall, it is undeniably difficult to prepare meals, wash dishes, and clean for everyone. Luda eventually discovered that the soup needed five liters to bubble.

Anton, who understood how challenging it was for her, undoubtedly assisted the person the Lord had chosen. He gave her advice and informed her about town life. The day is scheduled so that Lyudmila has an opportunity to rest.

The patriarch of the family also leaves quickly. He cooperates with his superiors while dealing with the development corporation.

The companions are given the chance and encouragement to complete all tasks despite having to get up at 6 a.m. each day, but they never moan.

The president himself gave them a minivan that can accommodate all of the kids. Without a vehicle like that, it is really tough. They are now able to travel everywhere they need to.

It’s vital to note that the pair made a crucial choice early on in their relationship. They took care of their own children while also helping out local families who were less fortunate.

Two kids were found to be stranded in the area. True, their parents had issues.