A mother had “Angelic kids…” They are beautiful and here is what their mother looks like!

New names have been added to the “Top 50 most attractive kids on the planet” list.

Dima and Violette, the kids of the Russian mother Catherine, were among the most desirable young models in the world. Since their birth, their brother and sister have been photogenic, so they are used to the spotlight.

The fact that Dima and Violette are referred to as angels online is not a coincidence. large blue eyes, delicate features, and blonde hair.

The brother and sister appear to have gotten lucky in life.  However, it is clear that the kids were meant to be born angelically gorgeous if you look at the photos of their mother.

Dima became 11 years old this year. Despite his modeling prowess, he always prioritizes his studies. This is possibly the reason the boy is not quite as well-known as his sister.

However, Dima can point to a few of his ventures that were a success. It is noteworthy that they perform a beautiful duet with his sister.

Viola the infant is already six years old. The young girl is actively involved in filming for magazines and businesses despite her young age. She was able to shine at fashion shows as well.

The girl was listed among the “50 most beautiful kids on the earth” in 2018. She won’t stop there, either.

Dima and Violette’s appearance is thanks to their mother. It is significant that Catherine eventually became successful in modeling. Sadly, she was unable to establish a lucrative career.

However, her kids decided to carry on her work. Not in vain either! Brother and sister did, after all, make the entire world talk about them. Additionally, their Instagram feed has close to 500k followers.

Each time a gorgeous mother appears in photos with Dima and Viollete, it creates a genuine stir among fans.

What does the leader of this angelic family look like is a common query. But it seems that Catherine’s husband is not a well-known person.