A moving American Idol audition comes to an emotional ending…

Your heart will drop as you watch Ace Stiles, 16, do this gorgeous audition. He stands out from the other talent thanks to his distinctive voice, but the time isn’t right for him yet.

Ace Stiles, 16, had no idea what was in store for him when he entered the American Idol audition studio. He may not have achieved the outcome he wanted, but he is undoubtedly stronger for the experience.

Even though Ace has a mild voice, it has a distinctive characteristic that makes him stand out from other teenagers his age. Although he is quiet, his voice exudes confidence and has a tone that is frequently connected to today’s top singer-songwriters.

That is precisely who he is. He acknowledges having composed more than 50 songs, and if any of them are as lovely as the one he performs in his audition, they might become hits in the future.

Ace and his mother acknowledge in the interview segment that the 16-year-old is transsexual. An endearing and admirable attitude is conveyed by Ace’s account of how discovering his identity allowed him to be himself.

Unfortunately, the judges feel that he is still not quite there. They inform him that he would not be traveling to Hollywood. They do, however, leave him with some encouraging words: in a few years, he might be even more remarkable.

Watch the video below!