A poor couple adopted and orphan who did something amazing for them after growing up…

Jaivi Lazaro Badile II is currently one of the Philippines’ most important businesspeople. He is the owner of a well-known company, travels frequently, looks good, and has a luxurious vehicle.

His life, however, was not always simple. An impoverished Filipino couple adopted the baby when he was three months old after his real parents abandoned him. Despite living on the edge of poverty, the family’s home was always filled with love. The line between Jivey and their own children was never made by his parents.

They led very simple lives. Tatai’s father was a porter, and Nanai’s mother was a salesperson. The family lived in a small flat in an ancient house, together with 28 other people.

Rats were free to roam the apartment, and there was sometimes no running water or electricity. The family endured frequent digestive illnesses as a result of the filthy living circumstances. If they could eat twice a day, the kids were content, according to Jivey.

Jivey made a commitment to himself to work hard and study hard in order to one day succeed and leave the slums after seeing the hardship around him.

He was able to complete his studies thanks to Nanai and Tatai’s assistance and support. He started working extra jobs while still a student, and at a relatively young age, he accepted a leadership position at an insurance company. As soon as Jivey was standing straight, he started considering ways to lift his parents out of poverty.

He was able to achieve a dream he had been working toward for many years in 2019. Just several months before Christmas, Jivey gifted his adoptive parents a lavish seven-bedroom home that had been constructed in just one year with the help of monetary payments.

All the furniture and equipment in the old house were purchased by Jivey; the family just took the TV.

The presents didn’t stop there, either. Adoptive parents of Jaiwi never left the Philippines, therefore their son resolved to make amends. He took Nanai and Tatai on excursions to some of the most remote regions of the globe, exposing them to locales they had no idea existed.

Jivey makes an effort to spend as much time as she can with them because they still have a lot of exciting discoveries to make.