A very anxious little girl in The Voice Kids calms everyone down with a heartfelt song selection… Watch it here!

It would be a nightmare for many grownups to perform in front of judges and large audiences. After being given the opportunity to audition to sing on television in 2014 during the inaugural season of the program “The Voice Kids: Belgium,” Belgian singer Julliette Van Damme had to confront these anxieties as a young child. For this chance, she chose Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” learning every word and note.

You can see Julliette’s audition here, and it appears like she didn’t allow her anxiety interfere with her performance. Even after being startled by the close proximity of the judges’ chairs, she maintained her upbeat and carefree attitude the entire time she was on stage. As the song’s chords began to play, Julliette inhaled deeply.

It was her turn to take the platform and demonstrate her abilities to the world. She started singing while trembling a bit. He quickly realized his calling, though, and went in hard on the tune. The judges paid close attention to the young girl’s voice as she swiftly stunned the audience. The judges held off on making their selections until the very end of her song.

Will the three judges opt to switch positions? One of them, yes? Or perhaps none of them will take advantage of the chance. Her parents watched expectantly from the side while Julliette sung at the top of her lungs. The parents were unable to assist their daughter at this time, despite the judges’ seeming slowness in responding.

Are you prepared to watch Julliette perform? Listen to Julliette’s performance of “Fight Song” from her first audition by watching the video below. You’ll understand why his future seems so promising.

Even though Julliette advanced past the first round and undoubtedly has a successful career ahead of her, she was unable to win the competition’s top prize. Mentissa Aziza, the competition’s winner, and the runners-up, Fiona Verbrugghe and Alessia De Simone, were formidable opponents for her.

But Julliette made significant improvement, earning a spot on the team of Belgian musician Sean Dhondt alongside Jens Broes as second runner-up. Fans of Julliette’s performance may be curious in what the upcoming young singer is doing these days, nearly  7 years after her appearance on The Voice, despite Julliette’s defeat. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of information accessible, however Julliette lovers can locate a few more unofficial performances on YouTube.

For instance, in December 2014, soon after the show’s conclusion, Julliette gave a live performance at a clothes store in Antwerp, Belgium, accompanied by violinist Koen De Nefski and a pianist. In the video, Julliette not only displayed her singing prowess in front of a supportive audience that sang along to the song’s beat, but also tried her hand at the kazoo, opening the song with some warm notes.

The tune that Juliette selected? the popular song “I desire” by French artist Zaz This performance is more private and intimate than her appearances on The Voice.

We observe a bunch of kids clustered together watching the show rather than a studio audience.

Viewers highly praised the girl’s performance in a variety of languages.

Check out the video below!