A week after this couple adopted triplets, the doctor told them some unexpected news…

Andy and Sarah Justice tried to start a family for several years. Sadly, they came to the conclusion that their efforts would be in vain and they would never be able to have children of their own.

They then made the decision to get in touch with an adoption agency. They linked up with a woman who was expecting, with the intention of adopting her child as soon as it was delivered. But the woman had a surprise—or should we call “surprises”—in store for the young pair.

Not just one, not even two, but three children were due to be born to the mother of the kid they were to adopt! When Andy and Sarah learned that the group was on its way, they were overjoyed and changed their expectations. A short while later, Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth entered the world.

However, this incredible tale did not end there. Sarah arranged a doctor’s appointment a week after she first noticed something was off. The unimaginable happened… Sarah had a baby. having twins! We already believed the tale to be false at this time, but these are the facts.

“We had great luck. Were we a little taken aback? No doubt. But we are content. We had the impression that it came from above and that God had a purpose for us. And occasionally, when you do nice deeds, you get them all back,” Sarah explained.

The family increased from two to seven in a matter of weeks, with five infants under the age of one, thanks to the addition of twins Abigail and Andrew. The parents estimate that they require 84 bottles and 300 diapers per week to care for the infants.

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