A widow who has adopted twin girls tries to provide for them but their biological father refuses to…

«Okay, ladies. Tina said to her twins Ilsa and Ellie, who were playing and eating breakfast, “Let’s eat this breakfast so we can go to the park.” They had ruined their clothes by spilling milk, and Tina had grinned at them rather than reprimanded them.

Their lives finally appeared to be returning to normal.

Her husband, Andy, unexpectedly passed away five years ago, just a few months after they had finalized the adoption of their twins. Tina suddenly transitioned from being a homemaker to a mother fighting to maintain her family. The girls’ young age had put an especially great deal of pressure on them.

Given that she was sterile, Tina was delighted to become a mother. However, Andy’s passing compelled her to put the kids first and ignore her husband’s absence.

She would slap her forehead in self-reproach on some days when things were so challenging for her in her capacity as a mother. Other days, she would simply give them some pies and let them go without food because her little salary was used to pay the rent and other costs of running the home.

She eventually relocated into a two-bedroom apartment in an effort to cut costs. In order to get work with an organization that offered its employees access to a daycare center, her sister Tamara, who was also having financial difficulties, assisted her by babysitting.

The twins’ lives were better in every manner, and they were able to eat as much as they wanted.

As their financial circumstances improved, Tina felt more at ease and started to enjoy sharing father-son tales with her twins. Her husband would always be there for them in some capacity, she knew (or hoped).

After breakfast, Tina prepared her daughters for the chilly Minnesota weather by dressing them warmly. Someone knocked on her door while she was lacing their shoes.

She resided in a third-floor flat, and typically visitors needed to ring the doorbell to enter. She used the peephole and strained her eyes to see a strange man.

Girls, why don’t you take a quick break in your room? Soon, we’ll be leaving.

She was a fierce lioness when it came to protecting her kids, and some may even call her paranoid.

«Yes?» She opened the door and replied.

Is that Mrs. Feelan? The man enquired. I’m Peter, Tina said as she nodded. additionally, and this will seem funny, but… I think I’m the father of your daughters.

“Pardon me?” Tina questioned, her head trembling a little in shock. «I apologize. You’ve got to be kidding. The father of them was my late spouse.

Peter nodded sorrowfully while moistening his lips. «Of course, yes. Simply said, Their biological father, I believe, is me.

Tina was at a loss for words. They had never seen the girls’ parents and, as far as she understood, the adoption procedure was private, so why was he here? What was his goal? How ought she to respond? Andy would be aware, she reasoned. But she had to think quickly because she was alone herself in this circumstance.

She paused for a moment before saying, “Okay, uh, Peter.” Let’s take that for granted. I adopted them, so I don’t understand why you’re here.

Peter said, “I had no idea they existed. My girlfriend and I had a quarrel before I moved to London for a few years, but we recently got back in touch. But at a different argument, she made a mistake. I… didn’t anticipate that.

Tina remained motionless as she listened to his tale.

She contemplated the problem while crossing her arms. She would initially need evidence. Anyone may speak up and make the same claim. The issue might be resolved with a DNA test, but what would come next?

What do you require of me, Peter? She asked openly while lowering her arms. The women here are my daughters.

I merely wanted to get to know them. and, if possible, be a part of their life. My ex, what she did, not telling me about my hopes of becoming a father crushed my heart,» he stated. I won’t, however. Only with your permission will this be carried out.

Well, everything about this seems so hasty that I’m not sure I believe you. Do you have any evidence to support your claims?

No, but we can confirm with a DNA test, he retorted.

We’ll move forward with it, Tina said with a nod. After that, we may discuss what happens next. However, they are my kids. Although I’m sorry for what happened and that they no longer belong to you, I must protect them first. I won’t hesitate to call the police if you insist,» she threatened.

Peter didn’t object as she had anticipated; instead, he grinned. No less from their real mother, I would assume.

Tina gradually introduced them to Peter because he appeared to be an honest and sincere man after DNA tests supported his story. Peter always respected Tina’s decisions and boundaries whenever he encountered the twins.

After several months, Peter’s presence ceased to be strange.

Even though Tina was hesitant to begin a relationship with him, they discovered a few years later that their feelings had changed.

They moved slowly. Because Andy had also been the dad of the twins, Peter prompted her to tell him about him. That was the deciding factor in her decision to marry him.