At 46, a Utah woman gives birth to triplets; the likelihood was “ONE in 20 BILLION.”

When they wish for the impossibly unattainable, many individuals believe in the effectiveness of prayer and rely on their faith. They certainly wish to realize their dreams, but it’s not always simple.

One mother in Utah tried fertility treatment in her desperation to expand her family. However, it was unsuccessful, so she tried prayer as a backup plan. If you don’t think miracles happen, this mother’s story may might change your mind!

Everyone is aware that having twins is a rare occurrence because not all parents have the privilege of welcoming many children at once. However, naturally giving birth to triplets is even more uncommon.

But Audrey Tiberius was distinct. Although she yearned for more children, the physicians advised against it as a realistic objective.

When the woman was 41, fertility doctors informed her that her chances of conceiving through in vitro fertilization were about 10%. (IVF).

They apologized, saying that your eggs are too old, she recalled. Three attempts at in vitro fertilization were made, but none were successful.

Audrey and her 41-year-old husband Tyler Tiberius were indeed let down. They were appreciative of their existing four sons, though. They had great affection and joy for Marcus, James, Christian, and Max.

Despite everything, the mother maintained her faith and her desire for a larger family. She described:

Since I always desired a pretty large family—seven was kind of my number—I prayed nonstop for five years to have additional children.

So, at the age of 45, Audrey received the news of her dreams. She needed a lot of trust and years to eventually discover that she was pregnant. The family was overjoyed and eager to welcome their new child.

Her doctors, however, had more to say, and the revelation stunned everyone. Audrey was actually carrying multiple children. She anticipated three babies!

There is no other possible explanation but a miracle. What a blessing from God. The mother cried out.

After speaking with a statistician, Audrey learned that the likelihood of having identical triplets at age 46 is one in 20 billion. She was actually on the verge of stating that it appeared supernatural had occurred.

Audrey prayed for her unborn children while being aware of the significant possibility of miscarriage at her age. She believed that everything would go according to plan since she trusted her body. Thankfully, it did.

In March 2022, Sky, River, and Bay fulfilled one of their mother’s greatest goals by giving birth to seven children. Audrey is a dedicated mother who takes pride in her physical abilities.

All day long, she burps, feeds, and changes babies while pumping breast milk. This devoted mother carries out her tasks cheerfully. It is difficult, though, as Audrey noted:

«When you can’t identify who’s who, it can become a little weird. They are strikingly similar.

With the arrival of her gorgeous children, Audrey felt as though her entire world had transformed. The mother doesn’t rule out having more kids even though she is delighted and content with her large family.

Her spouse supported her desire for a daughter because she had always wanted one. In actuality, Tyler and Audrey asserted that there is no cap, adding, «So maybe we’re not finished. Who is to say?

For the record, the mom of seven spoke about her experience to promote awareness of problems with infertility. She remarked:

In order to spare women heartache, doctors should discuss fertility and the options open to them.

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