A woman noticed strange writing on a tree. She then noticed another weird sign following that…

Lea noticed something unusual in the area where she lived. A sign hanging from a tree was decorated with enormous square characters.

Someone feels obligated to tell the world that their dog (or dogs) are completely safe when climbing trees for unknown reasons.

It appeared to be an unexpected message to broadcast to the world.

But at that point, everything appeared to be fine under another clear condition in the blink of an eye. When Goldstein unexpectedly spotted a Chihuahua in a neighboring tree, he was shocked.

However, through pure coincidence, the dog belonged there.

Her name is Dana. She currently resides in the house on the corner.

Dana was adopted by Lilia and her family last year, and they soon discovered that she had a sweet place for trees.

Dana discovered that she could climb that tree and watch the outer world from its perch after being allowed to leave the terrace.

Occasionally, small groups of people would congregate under the tree, afraid the dog was stuck.

Dana, though, hardly ever takes a break. She is prepared to fully rule the tree.