A young artist made a remarkable portrait using Rubik’s cubes and gained fame…

Even adults were astounded by the extraordinary portrait that 9-year-old Benjamin Russo produced. The child constructed his or her drawing using Rubik’s cubes rather than paint or felt-tip pens. The small artist required 750 cubes to complete the image. The young man said that dyslexia played a role in his ability in this area.

Despite all the challenges that dyslexia presents on a daily basis, the child thinks it is a superpower. Benjamin thinks that his condition gave him the opportunity to show his abilities. The entire globe was able to learn about him in December of last year.

A video that the son’s parents uploaded on YouTube shows him assembling a portrait out of Rubik’s cubes. 32 thousand people watched the video, and social media users were not uninterested.

The child introduces himself to the viewers right away in the video. Hello, my name is Benjamin, says a sheet of paper that he displays. Age 9 is my age. I have dyslexia. I have trouble reading and writing. Word muddles severely aggravate me.

However, my dyslexia also gives me the ability to achieve some great things.

Then, in the sped-up footage, something truly amazing occurs. One by one, the boy removes Rubik’s cubes from the box. He gathers the sides of each and arranges them in rows in a specific arrangement. The image quickly becomes identifiable, and you realize that it shows someone’s face. In the end, it seems that John Price, a renowned wrestler, broadcaster, and actor, is the boy’s idol.

The child then bids the audience farewell. He displays two more entries: “My personality is not dyslexic. My superpower is my dyslexia.

The protagonist of the painting himself saw the video. The celebrity urged the young man to never give up. John Price observed that the boy has bravery, tenacity, and extraordinary strength. He further stated that the youngster is a great artist. “I respect you, your work, and your outlook on life!” On Twitter, John Price stated.