A young couple skates on the ice to “City Of Stars” from “La La Land.” They have a special talent…

The ice skating performance by nine-year-old Evelina Pokrasnetyeva and 12-year-old Ilya Makarov was breathtaking. They received assistance from their well-known coach, Ilya Izaslavovich Averbukh.

The skaters performed in “City Of Stars” from the movie “La La Land” in keeping with the competition’s theme of movie music. The two young skaters are inseparable and share a remarkable friendship.

Throughout the entire journey, their coach encouraged them. He was there during both the performance and the practice sessions, both times joining them on the ice.

Ilya donned jeans and a grey shirt, while Evelina wore a lovely yellow dress decorated with flowers. They entered the skating rink and assumed their positions. Ilya began the routine while Evelina awaited the entrance of her line.

Evelina came with a smile on her face, starting a captivating sequence. The pair gathered on the rink and started skating together as the crowd applauded them.

Their act included more than just dancing. It was a narrative. Ilya assisted Evelina in getting onto a bench that was on the ice, where she danced while he held her up.

Ilya and Evelina moved like birds as they flew across the ice. They absolutely trusted one another, and their movements were flawless. They received a bouquet of flowers and a hug from their instructor after their performance.

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